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Call for Papers: 2016 IFLA WLIC Open Session by Information Technology Section joint with Preservation and Conservation Section and News Media Section

Theme: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Current State of Born Digital News Date: 13-19 August 2016 Venue: Columbus, Ohio, USA The IFLA 2016 theme, “Collections. Collaboration. Community,” touches on highly significant elements required to make digital preservation of news content possible. Access to large-scale

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Call for Papers: 2016 IFLA News Media Satellite Meeting, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Theme: News, new roles & preservation advocacy: moving libraries into action Date: 10-12 August 2016 Venue: The Hilton, downtown Lexington, KY, USA Coined as “history’s first draft,” newspapers support cultural identity preservation and representation, even while they document significant historic events. Ironically, born-digital

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