Call for Papers: 2016 IFLA News Media Conference, Hamburg, Germany

Theme: Reviving the past and keeping up with the future – the libraries’ role in preserving and providing access to newspapers and news media
Date: 20-22 April 2016
Venue: Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky, Lichthof

The landscape of current news media is increasingly multifaceted, from printed newspapers, e-papers and broadcast to social media, news portals and genres evolving from day to day. This rapid change is accompanied and driven by an enormous diversification of journalism – professional vs. citizen journalism, data driven journalism, the flood of visual material, etc. These changes raise questions of quality assurance, of orientation in this vast landscape, and, for cultural heritage institutions, of selection criteria and methods for preservation and access.

The conference will reflect how libraries are and should be deeply involved in these efforts and how they try to manage new media diversity in the light of their archiving and access roles.

Submission of proposal abstracts has extended to 31 December 2015. Full details here: (English) (German)

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