Born-Digital News: It’s Not Dead Yet

As I wrote in “The Archivist’s Blues,” a massive amount of information being created by an exploding Web is in danger of disappearing before we remember that it was there. For news websites who create “born-digital news,” this is especially perilous, as so much news crucial to a community’s health and identity is likely to vanish from the record.

That’s what participants were warned at “Down The Memory Hole II: An Action Assembly” (DMH-2), a conference last May to address the needs of born-digital news preservation. The two-day event involved a wide swath of memory stakeholders — press associations, journalists, technologists, publishers, archivists, librarians and vendors — and it ended with some good tentative first steps now being taken.

Tentative, because amid the wild explosion of born-digital news, nothing yet feels very substantial in reversing the trend down the memory hole.

And there are no experts, no proven solutions. Just a cross-disciplinary crew dedicating to approaching it from every conceivable angle . Out of that comes a tentative view of what’s next.

This post will look at some of the ideas — and solutions — that have percolated up in the time since.

Reproduced with permission from the author, David Cohea. The full article can be found here:



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