The past year and what has been happening – a lot!

Mid-winter greetings from Finland, with snow and ice. It is a good time to take a little break and to sum up the advancement in 2013. 

The IFLA Newspapers Section has been busy as a bee this year, maintaining its active status.

 Singapore – the information oriented lion on a white beach

The Satellite Meeting in Singapore in August was a success with a crowd of participants and quality content, as well as great venues – with e.g. views over the city from the top of the Singapore National Library Building. Many countries would have a lot to learn from the way Singapore has brought information society into the lives of all the citizens. It was amazing to see how intensively the Singaporeans – and not just the young – were connected to mobile devices on the move, in the metro, in the streets, using content. You can look at the photographs of the Satellite Meeting in Flickr (

 In Singapore the chair and secretary posts were recycled. Frederick Zarndt, former chair, is now secretary for the section.

 Organising: Conference in Salt Lake City, Satellite Meeting in Geneva and Open Session in IFLA Lyon

Since the Meeting two organizing committees have been working for organizing the major events of the section in 2014:

• the International Newspapers Conference Salt Lake City, USA, ( and

• the Satellite Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, (

with the local organizing partners: Family Search (USA) and International Telecommunications Union (CH).

 The Call for Papers for IFLA Lyon Newspapers Open Session is also open at the moment. You can find all the information regarding the Calls for Papers on and via the IFLA Newspapers website (

 Project proposal: digitization training in Asia

In the autumn the Section submitted a project proposal to IFLA: “Digitization, Digitization Project Management, and Digital Preservation Basics: A Workshop for Librarians”. The Section is planning two digitization training sessions in India and Malaysia. We are looking forward to the response of the IFLA HQ.

 Thank you and happy holidays

Thank you to all of you who have supported the work of the section by working as officer, in the different organizing committees, by spreading information or in our local organizing partners. The Newspapers Section has an Executive Committee meeting virtually about once a month. We are trying to cope with the timezones stretching from one corner of the world to the other! Special thanks to Frederick, as well as to Cally and Mazelan, our information coordinators since autumn. Please join the LinkedIn group of the Section:

 Looking very much forward to working with you next year and wishing you a great holiday season, Christmas time and a Happy New Year! 

Minna Kaukonen
Chair, IFLA Newspapers Section
Head of Planning, Centre for Preservation and Digitisation, The National Library of Finland


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